Courage, Integrity, Trust

Hey there! I’m Marynelle, most people call me Nel. I’m a wife, mom of three (1 human child and 2 dogs), and engineer by trade.

In 2013, I fell out of love with writing, leading me to stop publishing on my first blog. Since then, life has changed, and I’m finding my way back. None the wiser, just a decade older – stories to be told, lessons to share, and conversations to be had.

Latest on the Blog

Curing Analysis Paralysis

Where I often see things stalling is in wanting to know every angle, every possibility, and every available data point. Sure, “In God we trust, all else must bring data,” but when is analysis enough?

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Embracing Entropy

Knowing that the natural tendency of life is to go into disarray is an essential piece of information. Why, you ask? Because you now have the key reason why change is necessary.

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Fall Reading List Focusing on Change

It’s funny how apt the changing season is marching simultaneously with my life in transition and the books I’m reading (Disclaimer: I’m not done reading them and rotate them depending on which part of the house I left them).

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When writing began to become a profession, it quickly lost its luster. It became a chore – something that needed to be accomplished and completed at certain times. Deadlines are the death of creativity. Or so I thought. I ceased writing for pleasure and used it as a tool in business. Alas, the stories continue to come, and my mind hums with words accompanying experiences. I’m unsure if I’m wiser than in 2011 when “directionallyimpaired” was my blog handle. I’m certainly older, and perhaps age is directly correlated with getting comfortable telling my stories.

This is not meant to be a resurrection or a comeback. The purpose is different because I am more attuned to who I am. Writing, I’ve learned, is in my nature. It is effective in leaving breadcrumbs about myself.

So here we are—my enthusiasm renewed for this adventure. Join me in stories and conversations about parenthood, career, marriage – life.